RODA S.P.A. is established in 1888 in Pontevico (BS) with the object to operate in the building sector, for the construction of civil and industrial buildings, and hydraulic activities.
In little less than twenty years of activities, the RODA Company became one of the reference building companies in the Brescia area; in fact, in 1912 we find the RODA name registered in the Brescia Master Builders Book.

Some of the buildings constructed by the founder in 1899 can still be seen in the City of Brescia. The Graveyard Obelisk of the Central Chapel of the Pontevico Cemetery is of the first years of the 20th century, a structure ordered by the Municipality for an amount of 3,500.00 Italian Lire. A concrete colossal structure still in operation today is the “Fluvial regimentation” of the Strone River, executed during 1920 / 1925

Since after the war, it is a continuous succession of structures for the Regional, Provincial, Municipal Administrations, Public Bodies and private individuals.
Our fields of activities range from constructions and renewal of hydroelectric plants to the installation of forced conduits, to the construction of sewers and water supply systems to construction of cyclo-pedestrian lanes and street furniture, to the construction of public buildings such as schools, gymnasiums, centres for the elderly, underground parking, fluvial regimentations, etc.

It is worthwhile citing the complete demolition and reconstruction (during 1960/1970) of the medieval Castle, seat of the Cremonesini Neuropsychiatric Institute in Pontevico (BS), which for the sake of meeting its historic heritage, an old brickyard was restarted in order to obtain hand made and fire baked bricks as of old.

Since 1994, thanks to the merger of the COS.MO S.p.A. Company and the FIORI FRATELLI S.r.l. Company, the Roda S.p.A. Group can avail itself of further specialisations in diversified sectors, such as the railway sector (in particular the construction of thrust underpasses) and the sewers and water mains sector, with hiring of highly specialised personnel, equipment and operative techniques.

RODA S.p.A., for the study and editing of projects inherent to its activities, can rely on highly qualified personnel equipped of the best means available from the best technologies, with special reference to informatics.

Still since 1994, RODA S.p.A. entered in the Real Estate sector by constructing on its own and selling dwellings in the Garda Lake, in the premontane Areas and in the Hinterland of such cities as Brescia, Cremona, Bergamo, Milan, Trento, etc.

The high quality of the service which RODA SPA provides to its Clients, is the key for the survival of our constant relationship and of our business.
All our Customers have the right to expect an high quality service, provided safely, on schedule and within the budget. This is the reason why RODA SPA 20 years ago has renewed and adapted its business to the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System and later to the Environmental Management System ISO 14004:2004 (in 2011) and to the Occupational Health and Safety Management System BS OHSAS 18001:2007 (since 2012).
Moreover RODA is registered with the SOA for Public Works in the following categories:

- OG1 (VII)
- OG10 (VIII: unlimited)